4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Windshield

4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Windshield

Most drivers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their windshields until they get chipped or cracked. It’s vital to note, however, that this is one of the most important, structural features on the entire vehicle frame. Once it’s been compromised, you’ll have less visibility, and less protection during rollover accidents. When windshields completely shatter out, cars become virtually inoperable. Fortunately, there are five, easy ways to keep your windshield in optimum condition.

Not all windshield cracks and chips are preventable. Sometimes, you randomly discover windshield damage that appears to have come from nowhere. But the truth is, most windshield damage is caused by simple neglect. That might mean neglecting to practice safe following distance while driving, neglecting to park safely, and the list goes on.

Don’t Park Your Vehicle In Direct Sunlight

Anything that drivers can do to avoid exposing their auto glass to temperature extremes is a good idea. Exceedingly high and low temperatures invariably cause glass to expand and contract, which can in turn make minor chips and cracks grow larger. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, however, you should always try to keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Both the structural integrity of your windows and the window tint can be damaged by harmful, UV rays. Parking in a garage, under a carport, or beneath a tree will help limit this unnecessary wear.

Never Clean Your Auto Glass With An Ammonia-Based Cleaner

Ammonia-based solutions are the first choice for cleaning residential and commercial windows and mirrors. When it comes to cleaning your auto glass, however, you want to avoid ammonia-based products entirely. Most building windows are manufactured without the use of any special tints.

Conversely, all auto glass has some manner of tint for preventing blinding glares while driving. Ammonia breaks this tint down. It is far better to use an alcohol-based cleaner or plain water and white vinegar for these surfaces. You should also use a soft, micro-fiber towel to prevent streaks and scratches.

Tell Your Passengers Not To Slam Their Doors

Your windshield doesn’t have to take a direct hit in order to suffer damages. If you have a passengers who’s in the habit of slamming the door every time he or she gets in or out, you should know that this is weakening the seal that keeps your windshield in place. More importantly, if your windshield has any small-sized, rock chips or scratches, these blemishes are going to spread whenever the door gets slammed.

Know When To Have Chips And Cracks Repaired

Chips and cracks compromise the integrity of your windshield, especially when they’re present at the outer edges of the pane. If your car is involved in a rollover event, damaged glass will have a much higher likelihood of shattering out and allowing the roof to cave in.

This makes it important to connect with a Calgary windshield replacement and repair service whenever you spot problems. A reputable company will be able to assess the location and magnitude of the problem to help you decide between a low-cost repair and a full-on window replacement.

Clean Your Wipers When You Fuel Up

Always take the time to clean your windshield wipers when you fuel up. This is something that many people never do. Even when you aren’t regularly using these to clean your glass, they’re still exposed to a lot of grime. Dirt, sand, and other abrasive debris can eventually lead to small, aesthetic scratches that become increasingly noticeable over time. Wiping these off when you fuel up will keep them clean and ready for use.

Taking good care of your windshield is easy. Tell your passengers to treat your windows and doors with respect, and take action as soon as minor chips and cracks develop. Small efforts like these can go a long way towards extending the lifetime of your auto glass.

Void Busy Roads

There is a higher possibility of getting a crack if you’re driving on a busy road with a lot of traffic. Roads are highly packed with vehicles, increasing the chances of an object hitting your car shield from the car in front. In addition, objects such as flying pebbles that dislodge from the car’s wheel in front of you can end up hitting your windshield and chipping it.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Highways are a major source of damaged windshields. This is because cars are traveling at high speeds, and the chances of accidents are significantly higher.

If you are traveling on a highway, make sure you keep a reasonable distance between your car and the vehicle in front of it, especially if it is a four-wheeler like lorries or dump trucks carrying a heavy load. If these vehicles have no roof, there are higher chances of materials escaping and hitting your windshield, damaging it.

Avoid Gravel

A leading cause of windshield damage is debris and other small materials such as gravel or other small rocks. The gravel can be propelled into the air if you are driving over it at high speed, and it can end up hitting and damaging your windshield.

Park Indoors

Windshield damage also results from temperature differences and objects hitting vehicles when they are stationary as well. Therefore, it is better to park your cars indoors to ensure the sun doesn’t weaken your shield by making the glass expand in the heat. Parking under a covered area also allows you to protect windshields from being damaged by any random flying objects from falling on them.

Final Thoughts

The car windshield is built to last, but that doesn’t mean you disregard it completely, not looking after it. The windshield is essential for the safety of the driver and passengers. The slightest crack can expand with time and become a threat. Which is why you need to have your windshield evaluated if you notice any cracks.

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