Best Car Detailing Tips Step by Step – Auto Detailing Like a Pro.

Best Car Detailing Tips Step by Step – Auto Detailing Like a Pro.

If you enjoy taking care of your car but are often left disappointed with the results, you’ll feel the benefit of our top 20 car detailing secrets, which offer hints and tips on how to get the most from your washing, waxing and polishing efforts.

Learning how to detail your car to a professional standard isn’t just a matter of vanity, it’s a smart way to maintain your car’s value, and make sure you get the best possible price when it comes to selling it on.

What Is Auto Detailing?

You do not need to search all over the internet & visit several pages to understand the meaning of car detailing. It really is very simple, car detailing refers to the combination of all activities that your car needs to be renewed.

Most of the time car detailing refers to the various cleaning process of the car exterior, interior & intercooler as well. This is a complete process which washing interior & exterior parts, vacuuming, polishing, waxing, removing any scratch & also protecting your car interior & exterior.

You can say it is the reconditioning of your car as well. If you can follow all the processes correctly then after a proper car detailing, you will end up with a brand new looking car.

What Is The Difference Between Car Detailing And Car Washing?

Do you think that car detailing & car washing are the same things? If so then it is time for you to understand that your idea about the car or any automobile detailing is totally wrong. Washing & detailing are 2 different things. In fact, washing is a part of car detailing, on the other hand, car detailing includes recovering every single detail of your car interior & exterior.

If you have seen how people wash their car or did yourself then you definitely know the process of car washing. Car washing involves mainly washing your car using soap & water. This is a very effective process to keep your car neat & clean.

Whenever you bring your car on the road then it is obvious that your car will face dirt, dust, grime, tree sap, bird dropping & even heavy rain. So it is a good idea to wash your car using a Car High-Pressure Washer and Pressure Cleaning Tools regularly to keep your car clean.

Best Car Detailing Tips Step by Step:

We have divided the whole process into 3 parts to let you understand better. First, the exterior detailing, second the intercooler detailing & third is the interior detailing process. But before you dig into your work you need to look for your safety first. For this wear hand gloves, mask & clear glasses. Also, there is one more important thing that many people do not follow or just forget about it.

That is to turn in your Ozone Generator Machine & put it inside your car. Thus you will be protected from inhaling any harmful gas that can do damage to your inner organs. If you are all ready then let us start.

High-Pressure Wand for Water Spray

To get the best result from your car’s high-pressure washer you need to use a Water High-Pressure Wand. Just simply attach this to your high-pressure washer & rinse the exterior of your car including tires, glasses & all other parts that you can reach.

Wheel Studs & Wheel Cleaner Spray with Brush

After you rinse off the exterior now you need to deep clean the wheels & tires of your car. Your tires & wheels get dirty the most. That is why just rinsing with water as basic cleaning is not enough. Use a Good Quality Wheel Cleaner Spray to clean the wheels & tires. You need the Right Brush Attachment as well to reach every detail & clean properly. For best result use a Car Power Drill Washer to attach brushes & wash your car wheels & tires easily.

Undercarriage Car Wash

Many people skip this step while washing or even detailing their car. But for proper car detailing there is no way to skip this part. Usually, people get more attention to clean the parts that are visible most of the time & neglect the parts like car undercarriage. But your automobile undercarriage gets dirty very easily like the tires & there are lots of dirt, debris & grime get stuck there.

That is why you need to clean this. But using an ordinary wand is not a great idea here. You need to kneel down to do so, even after that, you can not clean your car undercarriage properly. We suggest using a Car Undercarriage Cleaner & Detailer to deep clean the car undercarriage for a proper car detailing process.

Foam Cannon Spray Gun

Now it is time to cover your entire car exterior with foam using a Foam Cannon Spray Gun. Use a Good Quality Car Wash Foam to get the best result.

Iron Decon Spray & Iron Remover

Now it is time to remove all the irons from your car surface that may out scratch on your car pain. To do so you need the Best Iron Remover Spray. Just simply spray all over your car surface & then let it sit for a while. You can see that the irons will turn purple & start melting down. Then just simply rinse your car again using your water wand. And you need to wipe your car dry again using a microfiber towel.

Auto Detailing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Speaking of mistakes, there are quite a few detailing blunders one can make on cleaning day. While everyone has their own product preferences and preferred detailing techniques, the mistakes below are the most commonplace, and should be avoided entirely.

Mistake 1: Using the wrong cleaning fabric, or the same fabric for every surface.

The days of scrub brushes and double-sided sponges are about as dead as the popularity of the products being pushed by that “ShamWow Guy.” Just get a microfiber mitt and some quality microfiber cloths and call us in the morning. Oh, and don’t forget to use different cleaning and drying microfiber products on various areas.

Best Car Detailing Tips

The last thing you want to see on that pristinely polished clear coat is some form of nastiness from your tailpipe being smeared across its surface.

Mistake 2: Washing in direct sunlight or when the vehicle is hot.

Most detailing, aftercare, and protective products react poorly when exposed to direct sunlight or a hot body panel, so always work indoors or in the shade. This will also reduce the risk of water spotting and soap residue adhering to surfaces.

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